Loans to individuals

The Housing and Construction Authority provides indexed and non-indexed loans to individuals for the purchase, construction and renovation of apartments throughout the country. At the same time, those who have reduced working capacity, are disabled or have reduced mobility can get an additional loan if there are additional costs due to special needs when buying, building or modifying housing.

Did you know this?

  • If you enter into an agreement for the payment of arrears, collection actions will stop, but the loans will bear late interest for the duration of the agreement.​
  • If it is agreed to postpone payments, convert defaults or extend the loan period, the terms of the loan will be changed. In order for the terms to be changed, the loan must not be in arrears, or it has been agreed to add the arrears to the principal so that late interest will no longer be calculated and the collection action will stop.​​
  • It is to your advantage to make moderate use of the deferred payment because the payment after the deferred payment is higher than the regular payment before the loan was deferred.​
  • If arrears are added to the principal, the loan amount will increase and the regular payment after the arrears have been added to the principal will also increase.​​
  • A loan extension is the only option that can result in a lower monthly payment, but with a loan extension, the loan period and the number of remaining due dates will increase, so that the total loan payments will increase. View the effect of the loan extension with the calculator Change in loan period.​
  • We have the calculator Compare loan options which will simplify your process of calculating all loan options available in the marketplace.​
  • If you plan to pay into a loan, it pays to do so on the due date of the loan after the due date payment has been paid, otherwise you will start paying part of the next month's payment.